The Young Scholars Child Care Center

We are HIRING...

Ask for Ms. Kristen or Ms. Nicole

The Summer Cookbook is here...

$35 each with 70 pages of delicious recipes

from our students and staff!

$5 of each book will go to “Give A Little Extra Love.”

501 Kora Lane. Island Lake. IL     847.487.0300



We would like to invite our families to our 3rd Annual Young Scholars Art

Show.  Proceeds from the show will be put into our “Comfort Kit” fund.

“Comfort Kits” include blankets, toiletries, school supplies, books,

stuffed animals etc.  These kits will be donated to local foster care

agencies associated with some of our Young Scholar families.

Each classroom has created many different works of art to be sold during

our art show.  Plus, we have printed tons of pictures from our many summer


We will have items for sale, as well as group art projects for silent


Please take a moment to browse in our activity room the week of August

4-7. Note: some classrooms have posted photos for sale in the classrooms

as well.

We will also be taking orders for our Young Scholars 2014 Cookbook. (an

advance copy will be available at the front desk) Cost is $35, $5 from

every book ordered will be donated to our “Comfort Kit” fund.